English Astronomical Regulator Clock Circa 1900

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English Astronomical Regulator Clock Circa 1900

I have modeled many clocks, which I find fascinating for their variety and execution, as well as the exceptional craftsmanship exhibited by their makers.

The classic English Astronomical Regulator was for many years considered one of the finest examples of precision clockmaking. They were accurate to within seconds/month, and incorporated the most advanced physics and materials of the day to regulate timekeeping. They were used by astronomers, scientists, clockmakers and fine watchmakers as the “standard” of time measurement.

The traditional Regulator Clock was robust and rigid, fabricated from heavy plates in a simple ‘box’ format.

I have chosen to model this clock in a ‘skeleton’ form, which was popular in decorative clockmaking, but not often used for precision. The pendulum is not shown in these images as it would fall off the bottom of your computer monitor almost down to the floor!

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