What is Steampunk? To be honest, there are as many answers as there are Steampunkers, of which there are many, many thousands! It's a worldwide movement that embraces all ages, but shares a love of Victorianism, the Industrial Revolution and Jules Verne. Steampunkers range from fantasy role-players to musicians, artists, designers and especially, literature. All I know is that I've been one most of my life, and didn't know it.

"Victorian Futurism" is apt, from a major book titled Steampunk, the Art of Victorian Futurism, by Jay Strong-man (Korero Press LLP, London, 2011). Steampunk is a movement and a rebellion against mass consumerism and a throw-away society. It is an Honoring of exceptionalism and craftsmanship, and a vision of the past that could have been our future. And may still be. I think of it as "past-is-present-is-future".

I first discovered Steampunk when I was simply searching for lamps on the internet. I came across the work by master New York artist Art Donovan, who has created astounding lamps and other items, and was curator of the world's first Steampunk Exhibition, held in 2009-2010 at the Museum of the History of Science, at Oxford University, London.

The exhibition was attended by over 70,000, the largest number of people in the 150 plus year history of the Mu-seum. Donovan published an exceptional catalogue, The Art of Steampunk (Fox Chapel Publishing, East Petersburg, PA, 2011) which will well serve as an introduction the ex-citing Steampunk genre, and lead you to many additional sources.

On these pages I will share my excursions into the Steam-punk world, under my alter-persona of Dr. Augustus LeRoy. I hope you will enjoy them!





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