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Capabilities & What We Can Do For You

Gould Studios can assist you in almost all phases of a commemorative medallic program, from initial concept to promotional issues.

Our primary work is the creation of the original design and sculptural model(s) to meet the technical requirements of minting. This can range from Conceptual preliminary design sketches, finished artwork (if required) and original sculpture models in final plaster format either positive or negative depending on the needs of the mint of choice.

We do not cut the steel dies, mint the finished product or perform foundry services such as lost wax casting or patina finishing. However, we have worked with the majority of private mints and sculpture foundries, and can assist you with sourcing and liaison, as well as marketing issues. We also offer Lost Wax casting through several foundries.

We do not offer advice on medallic history or provide appraisals of medals or coins.

Lumiled Obverse

Lumiled Reverse

120th Society of Medallists

120th Society of Medallists
( Reverse)


Assisi Award Pendant



Deo est Gloria Obverse

Deo est Gloria Reverse


Jicarrila Apache

Barack Obama

Michael Franck

Forest Lawn Obverse

Forest Lawn Reverse

Nicholai Fechin

Our Lady Of Guadulpe



Pope John Paul

Pope John Paul (Reverse)

Serra (Obverse)

Serra (Reverse)

Sherman Indian (Obverse)

Sherman Indian (Reverse)

St. Francis Cathedral (Obverse)

St. Francis Cathedral (Reverse)

St. Francis - Bronze (Reverse)

St. Ignatius

St. Ignatius John

William Morris

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