Favorite Websites

We all have our favorite websites, and I invite you to visit a few of mine. I make no claims of accuracy, nor do I specifically endorse any listed.

Internet Craftsmanship Museum: On-line museum of the best modelmaking in the world, and site of the Joe Martin Foundation for Exceptional Craftsmanship. Plan to visit their physical museum as well! Joe is a good friend, and founder of Sherline Products, manufacturing an extensive line of machine tools for the hobbyist and laboratory.

Society for Industrial Archeology: Dedicated to preserving and documenting Americaís Industrial heritage. Biannual Journal, quarterly Newsletter, conferences, regional chapters.

American Precision Museum:

Antique Gas and Steam Engine Museum:
An amazing Living History museum in Vista, CA, with acres of displays!

United States Patent and Trademark Office:

Library of Congress:

Cutting Edge K9 Aquatherapy:
Our dog Abby had a spinal stroke, and Trish is a miracle worker!

Gabrieleno/Tongva (San Gabriel Band of Mission Indians): Geriís tribe.

Geri's La Crescenta Library Floor Medallion, County of Los Angeles:


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