The Auto Speedway Racer

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1916 Model-T “Speedway” Bodied Dirt Track Racer, Disc Wheels

This vintage racer is modeled on the famous “Speedway” torpedo body style that was so popular it even served as the design for the first manufactured metal “Pedal Car” every young boy wanted under the Christmas tree.

Starting with a basic $450 Model T, for an additional $500 or so in speed equipment, $135 for the Speedway body and some hard work you could soon be racing on the popular "Dirt Track" circuit, perhaps even winning back your investment!

Typically the chassis was lowered four inches, called "underslinging", the wheelbase was slightly extended, and an additional front cross member riveted to move the motor back eight inches for better weight distribution. The mechanical brakes on the rear wheels only still led to some "wild rides"! The basic 40 HP motor was usually "hopped up" to over 70 HP with a Roof or RAJO Overhead Valve Conversion (OHV), a hot cam, balanced crankshaft with pressure oiling, and side-draft or up-draft carburetors.

These little cars were very competitive, often exceeding eighty miles/hour. issue.

My CAD model was created in SolidWorks™ and rendered in KeyShot2 Pro.

Fine Art Prints and Drawings

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1916 Model T "Speedway Racer"
Large 48" x 24" exact scale blackline drawing perfect for modelling. Shipped rolled in a heavy square card tube.

6020: 1:10th Scale
$29.95 US includes shipping




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