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Geri and Bill Gould

Geri and I met in college, as Theatre Arts majors; Geri was an actress and I had chosen technical theatre and directing as my focus. We had everything in common, from a love of old cars (our first date was in my 1931 Model A Pickup) to music, dancing and especially, Fine Arts. We were married in 1969, and started our own business, Gould Studios, in 1973, creating sculpture for medals and awards, and prototype models for the product design community.

And so our long odyssey began, and continues today, some forty years later, following a most amazing path of creativity and fulfillment.

Geri Jimenez Gould, Sculptor- Medalist
Geri is a native Californian, of Native American and Spanish/Mexican American descent, with her Native roots dating back to before the Mission period. She is an active tribal member of the Gabrieleno/Tongva Nation, also known as the San Gabriel Band of Mission Indians, the original inhabitants of the Los Angeles Basin. Her direct ancestors were also among the pioneer colonists from Spain, who explored and settled much of the American Southwest in 1598, including Santa Fe and Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Geri painted in traditional oil-on-canvas since 1970, and studied painting with my mother, the noted artist Marion Douglas Gould, for many years. She turned her primary focus in the late 1970ís to the almost lost art of bas-relief sculpture for medals, memorials and plaques. She has exhibited internationally, including the British Museum, and has works included in the Smithsonian Institution and Vatican Collections. Geri has served as a Board member and elected officer of the American Medallic Sculpture Association, and served as Guest Curator for the major AMSA exhibition Beyond Two-Dimensions at the Forest Lawn Museum, Glendale, CA.

Geriís Artistís Statement
"I have always been drawn to the portrait, especially the eyes. In my work I attempt to show the
many facets of man, to bring his or her true soul and spirit alive, whether in painting or sculpture. When
working on a portrait I often find myself "talking" to my subject, even though I may have never met them, and
find their personality within the clay. I love the challenges facing the bas-relief sculptor and medalist, bringing
form out of a planar surface to "beyond two-dimensions"


William L. Gould, Designer, Computer Artist
I was born in Montana, and grew up near the Flathead Indian Reservation. My parents were both professional artists, as were their friends and peers, and from them I learned to appreciate the Traditional Fine Arts. We moved to the Los Angeles area in the early 1950ís, where my mom established her studio and taught painting to over 100 students a week. I started making models and patterns for hobby manufacturers at age twelve, but my interests soon evolved into technical theatre and the movie industry, which path I followed until just after college. Having "burned out" from too many plays, I decided to return to modelmaking as a profession, and was employed by Hughes Aircraft Company, Advanced Development Division, as a modelmaker for programs including ANIK and INTELSAT communication satellites, the Falcon, Sidewinder and Phoenix missiles, and the TOW anti-tank weapon system, for which I received numerous commendations. Geri and I started Gould Studios in 1973, and have never looked back.

Billís Artist Statement
"I have always made things, which evolved into a lifelong career as a modelmaker and designer.
I am also an artist. Both of my parents were artists, and I grew up in a community of great artists, so my goal
is to help carry their traditions into the art of future generations.
I also have a life-long passion for technology
and the superb design and craftsmanship by those who have come before us. Unfortunately, so many important
objects have been lost to time or neglect, or may exist only in inventorís notebooks. I hope to help pass along
this knowledge and wisdom to future generations.

As the great Industrial Designer Henry Dreyfuss once told me:
"We must understand our past to better design our future"




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