1923 Ford Model TT "Plank Side" Work Truck

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1923 Ford Model TT
"Plank Side" Work Truck

The development of the automobile in the first years of the 20th Century revolutionized public transportation. The famous Model T "Flivver", the first automobile to be manufactured on the assembly line, sold at a price that every workingman could afford.

By the early 'teens an even bigger impact was made with the advent of trucking, quickly replacing the horse-drawn wagon for the delivery of goods. The simple and affordable Model T was a favorite chassis, and many coachbuilders began crafting a wide variety of truck bodies and styles to meet almost every requirement. In fact, the 1913 Model T was used by August Fruehauf (1868-1930) to create the first "tractor-trailer" truck, marking the beginning of an American legend in trucking.

A "heavy duty" chassis was soon offered, called the Model TT, with a longer 125" wheelbase and offered with a worm-drive rear-end, but with a top speed of about 28 MPH. A wide variety of bodies were offered by owners and independent coachbuilders to fit the standard TT chassis, of which the utilitarian "Plank Side" or "Flat" bed was the most popular. They were usually quite colorful, and emblazoned with the company name as an early form of "rolling advertisement".


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1923 Ford Model TT "Plank Side" Work Truck
Large 48" x 24" exact scale blackline drawing perfect for modeling. Shipped rolled in a heavy square card tube.
6027: 1:8th Scale
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